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Our Programs consist of the following:

Infants - 6 weeks to 1 year
Toddler I - 1 year to 2 years
Toddler II - 2 years to 3years
Pre-School - 3+ years
Pre-K - 4 - 5 year olds

Kindergarten pick up from Pollard School @ 11:08 am
After School hours 3:00 -6:00 pm

Our activities are designed to practice self help skills, build self-confidence, explore and expand your child's abilities and interests, develop social skills; such as cooperation, negotiation and conflict resolution, as well as encouraging the development of reading, writing, math and science knowledge and to support developing friendships, improve coordination and develop vocabulary. Programs offered at Plaistow Learning Center are:

Infants & Toddlers

Our class is a great opportunity for young children to explore the world around them. We use sensory and creative expression to promote cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. As they grow we will work with them through play and teach them the beginnings of socialization and imagination, along with basic fundamentals. We not only learn through play but also singing and have age appropriate activities, which involve coloring, painting, and gluing.

Activities are based on color, shape, holidays and the theme for the month. We provide a loving and nurturing environment. We aim to suit each child's individual needs. During this stage of development there is so much growth from month to month. We are here to encourage and promote huge leaps to continue further growth. It means so much to us to see the excitement in the children's eyes when they have accomplished something new.

Infant Care

Plaistow Learning Center realizes that the highest priority for parents with infants is to have caring nurturing caregivers that provide personal attention to your child's needs. This includes lots of social interaction and stimulating activities, all within safe, clean surroundings.

Our warm loving environment fosters a positive self image and emotional security that will last a life time.

Toddler Care

Toddlers are insatiable, curious about the world around them. Even though they still need allot of attention to their personal needs, toddlers are beginning to grow independent. During this phase of their development, their language, mobility and motor skills are advancing rapidly.

Plaistow Learning Center's program is designed to enhance their development during this stage. Children are encouraged to join in activities such as singing songs, listening to stories and building social skills through directed indoor and outdoor play with other children.

Preschool & Pre-K

Our learning environment promotes an independent and cooperative learning center that includes materials for dramatic play; sensory exploration; block and manipulative play; science discovery; math; art; reading and writing. Materials change to reflect children's interests and promote inquiry and experimentation.


Preschool is the beginning of more structure/routine learning, such as reading and listening to stories. We provide the fundamentals to encourage learning in all areas.

We work on their cognitive, literacy, social/emotional and physical development. Your child will be provided with fun, exciting activities from which they will learn to use scissor, work on proper pencil grip, learn colors, shapes, numbers, writing their name and so much more.

They will be learning about holidays and themed based activities. At this stage of development they learn so much from their peers. We provide them time to socialize and develop friendships with one another. We strongly encourage working in groups to encourage cooperative play, along with learning to be respectful.





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